Maurice Wohl CBE, was a successful property developer, whose upbringing and faith ensured that as his wealth increased so did his charitable giving. For 40 years, he and his wife, Vivienne, quietly and generously supported many causes close to their hearts. They sadly had no children and Vivienne predeceased her treasured husband at the age of 59, despite being very much younger. When Maurice passed away two years later, the Wohl Legacy was endowed and their passion to enhance the fields of medical advancement, the sustainability of Jewish life, and welfare was assured.  Ten years on and the Wohl Legacy continues to tell their story through the organisations, programmes and projects it funds, grows and develops, and through the many thousands of people it has helped along the way.

The WOHL Legacy was established in 1965 by Maurice Wohl CBE, supported by his wife Vivienne. It is made up of 3 foundations that reflect the practices established during their lifetime

a unique partnership of dedication and grace, for whom living was giving

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks