What we do

The Wohl Legacy is comprised of three Foundations who reflect the ethos, principles and values of the late Maurice and Vivienne Wohl.

Together the Wohl Legacy seeks to create sustainable communities across geographies and fields of interest. Thriving communities need investment and support for education, welfare, employment, health and so much more.


  • Jewish Education

    A good education gives citizens a chance to be the best they can be. The Wohl Legacy believes that funding high quality Jewish education and schools can ensure long term community sustainability across the Diaspora.

  • Pathways to Employment

    Helping people find opportunities to work and develop a career is an essential life skill. The Wohl Legacy supports projects that enable individuals to grow and thrive, and ultimately to contribute to their community and society at large.

  • Medical Advancement

    Communities need healthy populations. Cutting edge research is key to saving lives and improving well-being. The Wohl Legacy funds infrastructure for pioneering projects that have a universal impact on disease.

  • Care &

    Everyone deserves a good quality of life. It is important to support those in need, either quietly or publicly as the situation demands, to live life with dignity. The Wohl Legacy builds, supports and grows organisations that are critical to the delivery of excellent support and services.

  • Arts &

    Building on Maurice’s British values The Wohl Legacy provides spaces and places for cultural understanding and enrichment.

  • Communal Support

    WOHL believes in the importance of sustainable Jewish life. Funding communal projects & bodies helps to support the diverse Jewish Communities across the UK, Europe and Israel.

WOHL’s support comes in many forms from funding and knowledge, to strategic input. It also comes through the form of buildings, which provide the permanence to bring people together to enable sustainable communities. Though modest to the core, having the Wohl name on public projects was very important to Maurice as a way of leading by example: “If we let people know we are giving, they will be inspired to give.” This inspiration lives on today, in the projects WOHL has created around the world.

The WOHL name on a building acts as a reminder of the human importance of supporting our wider communities

The WOHL name on a building acts as a reminder of the human importance of supporting our wider communities

being a jew and a gentleman is not a contradiction, but a priviledge. such, i think, was the view of maurice and vivienne – long may their legacy continue

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum