Jewish education

The WOHL legacy believe that a strong Jewish education is critical to sustainable Jewish life in the diaspora. The journey began by following Maurice’s example of funding construction of Jewish educational institutions in Israel and the UK. From 2009 the WOHL Legacy supported physical infrastructure, renovation and buildings of Jewish schools in the UK.

Over time however, while recognising that infrastructure is important, The Wohl Legacy came to realise that activity and content of Jewish education is critical. Working with Jewish Curriculum Partnership (JCP), WOHL has helped to fund Jewish syllabus, including a primary & secondary school Ivrit programme.

Later there was a clear need for one body that oversees Jewish curriculum and schools and The Wohl Legacy supported the creation of PaJeS, providing services, support and strategy to Jewish schools across the UK. The Wohl Legacy also funds other game changers in Jewish Education, including Jewish Interactive, Etgarand Seed. Wohl is a founding funder of Educating for Impact, promoting change in Jewish schools to secure and strengthen Jewish communities across Europe.

Maurice was a Zionist who loved Israel and the Jewish people. For him, it was a priority to build religious institutions and promote Jewish education.

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